Your Hands-Free Investment Strategy Guide for Better Returns

Investment Strategy Success

What would life be like if you could sleep in more, spend more hours on the golf course, and guarantee you never again missed a child’s ballet recital, football game, or school event? What would life be like if you had the freedom to worry more about what you want to do than what you need to do financially? This may seem like the dream life, but it is the type of life that can become your reality if you start earning a solid passive income. Read more

Passive Income = Less Work

Passive income is any type of income that allows you to make more money for less work. You basically find opportunities that allow others to work on your behalf, so you collect the funds without putting in a lot of your time.

Investment Success Chart

Passive income opportunities can supplement your primary sources of income, so you have more freedom to live the life you want to live.

It is true that money is often required to make more money, but that is not the case with the most lucrative passive income opportunities. You don’t need a stash of free cash to start earning this type of income. Since most of the work are done without your immediate attention, you can earn passive income with limited financial investment at start-up.

Your Hands-Free Investment Strategy Guide for Better Returns

How to Identify Passive Income Opportunities

How do you find opportunities that allow you to earn money without substantial financial, physical, or mental investment? These investment strategy opportunities are out there, and many of them are accessible by everyday people who cannot fathom the expense of many other types of investment. You have to learn how to identify, analyze, and access these golden opportunities. Click here to read more info about passive income .

Some of the opportunities most accessible to everyday people without substantial funds for an initial investment include the following:

Passive Income
Managed Trading Accounts
Managed Real Estate Investments
Stock Options
Foreign Exchange
Managed High-Yield Investment Accounts

There are other passive income opportunities out there, but these are the friendliest to those interested in earning as much money as possible for the least possible initial investment. As you start to earn money from you passive income investments, you can think about other investments that may require more investment at the beginning.

Right now, your goal is to learn how to identify the most lucrative investment strategy that is within your start-up budget. You will find that information right here, along with more detailed information regarding how to invest in and manage a variety of passive income sources.

What would live with more money and less stress be like? What would you do with an extra stream of income that you do not have to work for a day in and day out? Start dreaming now because many of those dreams will be a reality if you take advantage of passive income opportunities.…

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Real Estate Investment Tips

Making money through real estate investment is not one of the easiest ways. While it proves to be a real money maker, it requires the dealer to not only know how to work in this field but also make the right decisions. If an individual has the knack of taking the right step at the right time, the whole affair can be very lucrative. Thus, it can be said that real investment trading has a constant learning curve attached to it and is only suitable for those who have the passion and dedication to go up the ladder.

There are a number of steps involved in this process which starts from purchase and goes through ownership, administration to end at rent or sale. Of course, profit is the ultimate goal but whether this goal is actually achieved depends on how the above mentioned 4 processes are undertaken. While learning and taking advises from experts in this field is very important, it is also very important to be high on patience (something that comes with experience). For those who are thinking of making an investment in real estate, the following tips would be very beneficial.

Get the Math Right: Luck might work once but not always. It is important to do the math right before making any form of investment. Do the calculations and confirm whether whatever is looking profitable in the mind looks the same on paper. It would need some basic knowledge of accounting, but that is a pre-requirement for investment and has to be learned. A lot of things would get included in the math; for example, taxes, insurance costs, legal fees, renovation, maintenance, etc. Making a mistake on this front can be very detrimental to the whole process. Read more

Real Estate Investment Tips

Research is the Best Bet: Markets keep fluctuating, and there is a need to research thoroughly before making the investment. Real estate prices vary from one geographic location to another based on the surrounding and amenities in place. Costs of single story houses are different from those of apartments which are again different from those of corporate holdings. Understanding what affects the costs and which is the best investment area is necessary. Research can be done online, reading through local newspapers or meeting up with other real estate brokers.

Be Realistic: Being realistic help go a long way in the field of real estate investment. Any successful agent is expected to have a good plan in pace which can be followed to a result. Depending on the needs, the investment can be short term or long term but in either case, knowing what is to be done is important. Meet up with a property lawyer and ask for all legal measures that need to be in place to avoid any problems whatsoever.

By giving the above mentioned real estate investment tips a thought, the list of properties to invest in would reduce to only those which would prove to be profitable. Not only would it be …

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Australian Investment Information

Because Australia came through the GFC better than most countries, international investors are seeing the benefits of investing in Australia. I am not a registered investment advisor nor investment analyst, but this Australian investment web page has links to registered Australian investment advisors. The financial services industry is tightly controlled by the Australian government to protect investors, both Australian and international investor in Australia. I live in the state of Western Australia, which has seen more investment in recent years than any other place in Australia. From a Western Australian point of view here are some investment ideas worth exploring: Click here to read more info about investment information.

Australian Mining Investment

If you believe the world economy will recover, the demand for Western Australian mining oil & gas resources will be HUGE. The populations of India and China want to keep improving their lives with goods made in their countries with resources from Western Australia. See a list of stock brokers in Perth the capital city of the resource-rich, boom state of Western Australia. WA has all sorts of resources such as iron, gold, aluminium, diamonds, rare earth, coal, oil, gas, nickel, lead, zinc, agricultural products, etc. Australian mining technology is the best in the world. (see mining consultants) Make profits with Australian mining knowledge applied to Australian resources investments.

Property Investment Australia

With so many mining workers pouring into Perth the demand for their accommodation is high. Property investment Perth is, in my opinion, a worthwhile investment in Australia. So too is an investment in mining and natural gas hub towns such as Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Port Hedland, Broome, Onslow. These currently small Western Australian towns have 30 billion dollar project with green light go ahead. There is a huge shortage of accommodation so property investment should give good returns on investment.

Australian Investment Information

Short term property investment is another Australian property investment tip. Hotel accommodation in Perth Western Australia is old, expensive, and with high occupancy rates. I believe Australian hotel investment in booming places like Western, will be a worthwhile investment. Read more

The vast size of Australia means there is plenty of land for agricultural investment in Australia. Yes, Australia is a dry continent but not in the north of Australia. Places like the Ord River region have an abundance of land waiting for agricultural investment for all sorts of crops such as cotton and sub-tropical crops.

Financial Planning PerthIndustrial Investment Australia

The world food shortages mean that investment in products such as fertilizer will not only return a good investment but help to feed people in the world. The world’s second largest reserve of natural gas in Western Australia is the stock of chemicals and energy for the process of making fertilizer. Investment via Australian government bonds is a secure way to invest in Australian industrial infrastructure investment. Governments and companies in Australia are investing in things like railway lines and port building to assist export of Australian resources. Warehouses and factories need investment. Sea, air, …

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Crowdfunding for the Real Estate Sector: A Viable Option?

Since long Real Estate has remained a dream for the poor to be looked upon as an opportunity to invest in. When we talk about the rich, however, it must be mentioned that although there are ample opportunities for them to park their spare cash into, right from stocks and securities to trading into bonds and what not, real estate has been one such option that has succeeded in remaining elusive even to them. Land has a lot of riders tied to its name! Read more

Traditionally one had to exclusively depend upon their personal social network to zero in on really fruitful opportunity when it came to investing in real estate. Even if one managed to find one such prospect the real problem was that only a handful would be lucky enough to be able to shell out $50,000 to $100,000 at once to grab it.

But now since the crowdfunding game has been generous enough to the real estate industry many can convert their dreams to reality. It’s pretty easy how it works, using an online platform one can pool in their money with other big or small investors to fund a project. Crowdfunding is a viable option for investments in real estate or even to raise the needed capital to make a project, reality! The amount of benefits it brings along are priceless.

Due to its online presence, geography is just distance on paper. One can invest their money sitting in their house in New York investing into a project in San Francisco, California.

Crowdfunding for the Real Estate Sector A Viable Option

Now you don’t need to have heaps of cash or a record of having earned more than a fortune for the last couple years. You can be a player for as little as $1000 and find your way up.

There is little to no paperwork involved, moreover there are websites which work as online platform for investment and they maintain your investment track record right within the website itself. Click here to read more info about investment platform.

It works as a vantage point from where you can see the entire globe! Due to it’s online presence you can now move away from just your vicinity and look for really lucrative options anywhere in the world.

As technology gets more and more interweaved with the real estate sector we will continue to see rising opportunities come to life, opportunities which once never existed. In an industry where numerous new businesses are esteemed by the cash that is started through investment, business visionaries have gotten to be dependent on development. Truth be told, it’s a “development at any cost” mindset that regularly assumes control in numerous commercial enterprises.

The issue is, for some businesses; stand out beyond any doubt fire approach to ensure unchecked development at bad quality. Value and land crowdfunding isn’t not at all like a considerable measure of different commercial ventures in that regard. Due tirelessness regularly implies turning down most potential speculation thoughts in light of the fact that …

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The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the most lucrative ways for startups to fund their projects, which is why it is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It especially helps novice entrepreneurs in getting the preliminary capital needed to get their business idea moving and might even lead it to the fruition stage. However, that doesn’t mean one must blindly trust any funding platform as anything that seems beneficial definitely has certain risks attached to it. One must act wise enough to identify the risks of association which finds its way in with such opportunities. Below we list down some of the pros and cons of crowdfunding:

PRO: Leverage

You choose how to put up your business thought for sale to the public. You get to dictate your way forward. Similarly you have control over how to market your idea and how creatively and innovatively you want it to go.

PRO: Resources

Tracking potential investors, VCs and others could be cumbersome and takes a lot of time to materialize. On top of that you first need to meet them in person, present your idea and then will there be any progress. However, when it comes to online crowdfunding, it might be a little difficult at first but once your pitch is in place you can expect results to follow soon. Read more

PRO: Customer Base

Offline hunting for potential customers especially for thriving businesses can prove to be a task. Given that you do not know people and they don’t know you, but if your business is set to be funded by an online platform, your going gets easier as you already have a group of people who believe not just in you but your product. The word of mouth proves to be the best channel to market your products especially when it comes from people who are already influenced by your offering. Click here to read more info about customer base.

The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding

CON: Complexity

When the idea is simple enough to digest an online setting can work wonders for your project, but if your business plan has a lot of complicated and intricate details or research involved then you may end up converting the initial excitement with which investors take up the seats, to worry with which they vacate the hall.

CON: Free Hand

Soon as you get the funding you may find yourself in position wherein it may be impossible for you to make fundamental changes to your project idea, if you so decide. You may even find it difficult when you get hit by delays as this may jeopardize your reputation with the investors.

CON: Approach

If your idea is set to benefit end consumers you stand a better chance of getting funds as it is easier to empathize with such ideas and the benefits it will derive to the end consumers. However if your idea is targeted at businesses your odds are lesser.…

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Top Ten Crowdfunding Platforms – Choose the Best for Your Startup

Are you the kind who pays attention to solving a problem by the root cause? Are you the one who invests a considerable amount of time in devising a plan or a strategy on something that can work out to be money making idea? You are the one who is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit yet bogged down due to unavailability of the required resources or the capital to convert your idea to success?

Then crowdfunding could be the answer for you. It is where a group of common people who believe in your idea and thinks it has the potential to succeed are influenced enough such that they agree to invest their money to get your idea sailing in consideration for a reward.

There are a few good reasons why you should pay attention to the 10 websites below. These 10 penny ploughing carts have the potential to raise enough money to set your dream project in motion.

Choose between 2 plans: $299/month or $999/month; both provide different features and benefits. The benefits you get are: your confidential documents will remain totally safe, you will be provided with live support and you will have access to their established network of investors

They have invaluable experience. The founding members are financial specialists themselves and have managed millions of dollars’ worth of private investments. Their reviewing procedure is intensive, so ensure you have an expert proposition and assume that it will take a while before your venture plan is affirmed or rejected. Click here to read more info about financial specialists.

Top Ten Crowdfunding Platforms - Choose the Best for Your Startup

Expect to get a lot of suggestions while your project is being reviewed. You can raise anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000 and they will charge a 5% fee if your campaign succeeds.

They have a Success School program wherein you will get useful tips on how to make your project better. Rockethub will make you approach social media friends for funds. They will ask for a 4% fee if you succeed in fundraising your expected amount, if not then you end up paying 8% and an additional 4% transaction fee. Read more

Take anything from a monetary goal where you decide a fundraising limit or try selling a pre-decided number of items or convince people to split your project expenses, here you decide your own goals. Take a lower limit and a higher limit (dream goal). You need to rely on your existing list of social media friends list to look for funds. You pay 2.5% for a successful project and an additional 2.5% in transaction fee.

Your Go-Go popularity is crucial here. The more your campaign is active on their homepage the better you’d rank on your Go-Go popularity. You get to choose between a fixed or a flexible plan. Under fixed funded plans they take a 4% fee and the transaction fee in addition. Under flexible funded plan they take a 4% fee if you reach your objective, if not they …

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Equity Crowdfunding: Set to Change the World

Evolution doesn’t necessarily mean that we leap through our present in a blink of any eye and soon look back upon our past, which looked like the future just a few years ago. Two totally different ideas targeted to different audiences and appealing to different segments can come to compete with each other and only a few far sighted people can foresee that. Read more

To make you understand better I would give you an example of the airline industry. It targets two types of audience:

I P eople who travel from A to B for business activities
II P eople who travel from A to B for non-business/Leisure activities

When video conferencing arrived in the world, little did we know that it would soon bring down the business that airline industry has garnered over the years targeting the people who travel around the world for business. Now they can just connect with each other through their laptop screens and the purpose is served, the need is fulfilled.

Similarly, I think equity crowdfunding is a game changer. It is unlike any other means of crowdfunding we have seen in the past, be it angel investments or venture capital funding. It will not just create more of what the above two bring to the table but it will show us the third dimension. It will give the common man the power to use their money by aiming it to the right opportunity.

Equity Crowdfunding Set to Change the World

SEC Approves Title III of JOBS Act, Equity Crowdfunding with Non-Accredited

With SECs green signal to the title III of the JOBS ACT the game is set to change and we will see its effects in the next 3 to 5 years. It empowers routine investors for the first time in the last eight years to put their capital into new startups (early stage companies) which in turn will route huge sums of resources to the small businesses on the rise. Back in 80s when you bought shares on the stock exchange you had to pay a big fat amount as broking fees, but then came along websites like TD Ameritrade which gave straight access to trading. We are witnessing the same change today. Click here to read more info about Equity Crowdfunding.

There has been a lot happening contemplating this move. The smartest of the lot of institutional investors are already ploughing their money into business portals and platforms which will support equity-based crowdfunding. The institutional investors are not the only ones there are many other big media houses, social media companies and other businesses who are procuring equity mass-funded infrastructure.

If we date back to the age when man molded brass and copper coins that was when the world realized for the first time ever that there can be trade other than barter as well. It marked as one of the defining shifts up the rung for humanity on the pyramid of trade and commerce. Approval to non-accredited investors is set out to do just that.…

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